Community Service Events

CFU is a major resource for the Department of Education, the United Federation of Teachers, The Department of Youth and Community Development and the Partnership for After School Education in the fight to prevent bullyism, gangs and discrimination. We provide workshops, professional development and training for partners who need our services.

Here are some of our recent conferences:

Brave Conference Against Bullying
October 28, 2014
Sponsored by UFT, President and Founder Robert De Sena partnered with Dominick D'Angelo, Principal of David A. Boody Junior High School, and David Ervine of Brig-It to present on "Using Mythology and Technology to Combat Bullyism."

Leadership Conference
October 26, 2014
Sponsored by David A. Body Junior High School and Brig-It

Gang/Antibullying Conference 2012
This Council for Unity/UFT/Local 237 joint sponsorship Gang/Antibullying Conference showcased the transformational capacity of the Council for Unity model to reclaim even the most hardcore gang membership with former Crips, Bloods and MS-13 leaders testifying as to how the Council culture motivated them to leave gang life.

The distinguished panel and guests included UFT President Mike Mulgrew and Local 237 President Greg Floyd as well as members of the FBI, all 5 New York City District Attorneys, State Supreme Court Justices, the Commissioner of Corrections, the Sheriff of the Suffolk County Jail, federal prosecutors and criminologists . The keynote speaker was Pedro Noguerra,one of the country's most important voices on education reform, diversity, and the achievement gap.

Michael Mulgrew
President of UFT

"Helping children make better decisions and make sure that they have lives that will allow them to reach the dreams that we wish for our own children. That's what Council for Unity does."

Brian Fischer
Former Commissioner of the Department of Corrections in New York State

"Council for Unity is the number one best approach to reversing the concept of gangs by allowing people to become individuals."