We develop and implement Council for Unity programs to address the particular needs and culture of a school or community organization by providing our innovative curriculum and extensive training for teachers and community leaders who will administer our programs. We provide the necessary technical assistance on a weekly basis through the expertise of our highly trained site coordinators who ensure that program outcomes are reached. We link all of our chapters in a best practices network where teachers, principals and participants mutually support one another by sharing program successes. Professional development is ongoing as is program evaluation on an annual basis. Schools that contract with the Council for Unity also receive our Dragon Slayer and Comprehensive Curriculum.

Our three-phase process includes: planning, implementation and evaluation.*


Analyze the issues, establish goals, design program


Identify specific curricula and desired programmatic outcomes, provide on-going training and support and integrate CFU lesson plans into main stream school curricula


Continually review progress and results; make adjustments as required; document results and best practices

*Outcomes are supported by anecdotal and hard data.