To fulfill the Council for Unity mission, our leadership has exhibited a consistent passion and commitment to sustain what has become a movement that is spreading across the country. We are fortunate to have the vision, expertise and charisma of our Board of Trustees, Board of Advisors, Staff and Alumni.


Robert J. De Sena
President and Founder

Leslie Waltzer Pollak
Vice President of Development

Luis A. Brown
Director of School-based Initiative

Rick J. Brown
Director of Elementary and Intermediate School-based Initiative

Adele Gainey
Executive Assistant

Kyle Harmon
Coordinator of Alumni Affairs

Michael Hines
Director of After School Programs

Sean Dino Johnson
Director of Program Marketing

Yvonne Prescod
Director of Administration

Marisa Provenzano
Director of Operations

Andre Sarouna
Finance Manager

Devonn Saunders
Program Site Coordinator

Lyddia Wilson
Program Site Coordinator