The Unity Challenge

Why the Unity Challenge?

The concerns over the divisions in our country are a paramount issue for most Americans. The call for unity is a constant refrain for despite our differences, it is critical for our survival to live up to the defining motto coined by our Founding Fathers “E Pluribus Unum,” “Out of Many, One.” The Council for Unity, a not for profit corporation founded in 1975, has made that motto its mission.

The Unity Challenge will enable the nation to see and experience its diversity with the commitment to never forget that tolerance, inclusion and collaboration are the very elements that bind us as a nation. It is imperative that this endeavor be apolitical and inclusive to ensure that the focus remains on the universal core values of the nation with no overtones that could foster division for which we have only too painfully experienced.

Bring Unity to Your Community

This is our challenge – build more bridges to build unity and break down divisiveness in our America. Making a video showing your friendships across diversity, take the Unity Challenge and lead or participate in one or more of these activities.

Share any new ideas you may have here

  • Organize a multicultural lunch at work or school.
  • Read a book or watch a movie about a different culture/gender/age group/socioeconomic status/religion/philosophy, etc..
  • When you find you have different political views from someone, don’t get emotional and argue – that builds roadblocks, not bridges. This is about UNITY, so instead, follow this good advice on how to more positively deal with differences in political opinions.
  • Encourage your children to build friendships with other children who are different in some way from themselves
  • View more ideas here 

Here’s how to do the challenge

This is our real challenge– to build more bridges to unify people and break down divisiveness in our America. Make a video showing your friendships across diversity, take the Unity Challenge, lead or participate in one or more of these activities.

Feel free to embellish and be creative, but please refrain from political commentary. CFU disclaims any such modification and you will be in violation of our policies and trademarks:


Recent Challenge Videos

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How does CFU bring Unity to schools & communities?

The Unity Challenge will fund the Council’s unique strategy for dealing with the problems that threaten education and community institutions by expanding throughout the country. Rather than relying on single system approaches that rarely work, the Council’s curriculum and methodologies fuse our network of schools, community based organizations, law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions into a collaborative venture. It is through unity, inclusion and integration, the Council’s cornerstones for change, that positive outcomes are possible. Our programs breed unanimity between and among the diverse groups that make up our schools and communities and also promote the very democratic principles upon which our system of government was founded.

Alternatives to Monetary Donation
Drive unity by doing one of the following:

1. Start a local unity day.
2. Provide our CFU materials to a school or PTA.
3. Have a multicultural lunch at work.
4. Go to a house of worship for a different religion.
5. Read a book or watch a movie about a new culture.

Who is Council for Unity?

For 40 years Council for Unity (CFU or Council) has partnerships with law enforcement agencies, schools, correctional facilities, justice departments, religious institutions and their respective communities. Our chapters spread the unity message by allowing individuals of different backgrounds work together to improve their communities. CFU was born out of solving gang violence in schools in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. It met that challenge and has impacted thousands of lives by showing the great things that happen when all work together.